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 The objective of this website is to provide information about all aspects of ‘formex configuration processing’.
What is a configuration? The term ‘configuration’ is used to mean an ‘arrangement of parts’. For instance, the elements of a structure constitute a configuration and so do the component parts of an electrical network and the atoms of a protein molecule. The most common usage of the term configuration is in reference to geometric compositions that consist of points, lines and surfaces.
What is configuration processing? The term ‘configuration processing’ is used to refer to the branch of human knowledge as well as the processes and the skills that are involved in creation and manipulation of configurations.
What is formex algebra? Formex algebra is a mathematical system that provides a convenient medium for configuration processing. The concepts are general and can be used in any field of knowledge that involves configurations. The manner in which formex algebra helps in processing of configurations is analogous to the way ordinary algebra helps in formulation of numeric problems.
What is formex configuration processing? The term ‘formex configuration processing’ is used to mean ‘configuration processing’ using ‘formex algebra’
What is Formian? Efficient configuration processing needs a computing medium that has built-in all the conceptual tools of configuration processing ready for use. Formian is a computer language that provides such a medium. There are two versions of Formian, an older version that is referred to as Formian-2 and a new much more powerful version called Formian-K.